ExoY Technology

IgY Immunologix mission is to build a platform technology spearheading the translation of exosomes based cancer diagnosis for early detection and help clinician to diagnose patient with blood or biological fluids. At IgY Immunologix, we are focused on developing, biofluid-based diagnostics using exosomes.

ExoY is technology is capable of harnessing the power of exosomes and other micro vesicles to develop diagnostics that can be used to help better inform the diagnosis, detection, treatment and monitoring of cancer and other serious diseases. Exosomes are small secretary packets that control stem cell communication. Exosomes are increasingly seen as foundational transporters in the human body’s own communication machinery and ExoY technology development is unwaveringly focused on exploiting this natural mechanism for creating a novel diagnostic platform. Exosomes are nanometer-sized membrane sacs, or vesicles, that are released and received by all cells. Virtually all bodily fluids contain exosomes, and it is estimated that there are 1,000 times more exosomes than cells in our bodies. Building upon this landmark discovery, our proprietary exosome-based technology can harvest the rich and comprehensive molecular information contained within exosomes from any biofluid, fresh or frozen, without requiring the use of tissue. With our exosome-based technology, we can achieve real-time access to comprehensive molecular information about cells in the body without direct access to the actual cells. In addition, our technology has the ability to harvest this rich and comprehensive molecular information from any biofluid, fresh or frozen. At IgY Immunologix, we have unparalleled expertise and intellectual property related to the isolation of exosomes from biofluids, and introduce multiple advantages that will deliver the next generation of molecular diagnostics. While there are a number of different techniques can be applied to isolate exosomes and other microvesicles from biofluids, our technology platform utilizes a proprietary process that captures and purifies exosomes in less time and provides insight for cancer diagnosis. Affinity purification of exosomes with tetraspanins proteins – CD9, CD63 and CD81 provides enrichment of high quality of exosomes for sensitive and accurate diagnosis.