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Lavleen Gupta, DVM, PhD

Lavleen is “Research Advisor” to IgY Immunologix India Pvt Ltd for development of antibodies based technology platform. He brings collaboration from Zealous Therapeutics and Zealous Aqua Animal Health for aquaculture projects, and discovery projects. He has set up collaboration and developed Aquaculture products for shrimp diseases control.

Lavleen received PhD in Immunology from Mathura Veterinary University, India. During his research career he worked on several basic immunology concepts for diseases of veterinary and human diseases. His basic mastery in Immunology contributed more than 25 research publications in short period of time. Lavleen has been in Pharmaceutical new drug discovery research for more than two decades and his major contributions in research include developing new drug for cancer and immunology disorders. He has worked in Indian and US Pharmaceuticals for new drug discovery.